Special Needs and Psychology

We believe that all students are individuals: they learn in unique ways, have individual needs which must be addressed, have learning styles which are often overlooked and have cultures and backgrounds which need to be understood before learning takes place. In other words, every child has Special Needs. Our approach to teaching and learning takes the child within the classroom and treats that child at the level of his or her educational needs. These may be unique, are certainly important, and to each child they are special. We hold the view that all children can learn, and that a ’deficit’ model, which looks solely at weaknesses, has no place in modern education. It is our responsibility to look for both strengths and weaknesses in every child in order to support them in fulfilling their academic, social and emotional potential.

All children, regardless of whether they have in the past attracted some form of diagnostic label, may experience difficulties at some point in their educational career with learning, concentration, literacy, making friends, conforming to school rules or studying in general. Our Psychology and Special Needs Service monitors ALL Laude students to make sure that their learning and well-being are supported and their experience of school life is as positive as it can be. We take a holistic view of difficulties, whether long-standing or temporary, as not being placed within the child but resulting from and maintained by individual, school, social and family factors through close consultation with class teachers and parents as well as programmes of individual or group work in collaboration with local specialist providers, we strive to make sure that we support every child and that we support the whole child.



Ms. Liat Soresman and Ms. Janice Meyer, are part of our School Psychologist and coordinator of Special Needs provision (SENDCO) at Laude San Pedro.

Ms.Liat Soresman is our School SENDCO and Ms. Janice Meyer is our Intervention specialist.  As part of the SENDCO team, they will be working to meet the needs of all Laude students. Certain elements of Laude’s school psychology service are covered within standard school fees. 


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