Here are a couple of websites that could help you make those decisions:

UK University information:

University requirements

In general (there are always some variations between different universities and colleges of Higher Education worldwide), they expect you to have a minimum number of “points” and you get these points by getting high grades in both your A2 and your AS subjects. We won’t explain the points system here, but you would do well to choose 5 subjects from the list of subjects and study them all for the first year (to AS) and then continue with three of them into your second year (to A2). This is the ‘standard’ approach. It is acceptable to reduce these five to four, but it would not be wise to aim lower than this as you may not be able to gather sufficient points. In any case, a discussion with your year tutor or the Head of Sixth Form or Secondary will help you make the right decisions over both the number of subjects and over what the subjects should be for your own future. An excellent resource for researching University and their course requirements is:

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