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Educación Secundaria Obligatoria (ESO), Compulsory Secondary Education, is a compulsory educational stage which completes the child’s basic education.  It consists of four academic years which normally take place between the ages of 12 and 16.

It is organised according to common educational principles and related to the students’ diversity, focusing on his or her educational and professional orientation.


Its purpose is:

  •  To have all students obtain the basic elements of a general knowledge:  humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological.
  •  To develop and consolidate study and work habits.
  •  To prepare students for higher education and for insertion in the labour force.
  •  To prepare everyone in the use of their rights and obligation as citizens.


At LAUDE San Pedro, we place great importance on languages. A high percentage of our subjects are taught in English and we also prepare our students for official exams.

Our ESO students enjoy classes in a British environment, which allows a faster development in the learning of the language.


They share some subjects with our students in the British system:

  •  Drama
  •  Cooking
  •  Photography
  •  IT courses

Damos gran importancia al carácter práctico de la enseñanza, así como al desarrollo de ciertas habilidades que consideramos imprescindibles para garantizar un gran futuro a nuestros alumnos, por eso hemos introducido algunas asignaturas que fomentan el desarrollo de capacidades tan necesarias como la oratoria, el trabajo en equipo o la capacidad de expresarse y conocer loas diferentes modalidades textuales :

  • Public Speaking
  • Taller de Lengua
  • Proyecto Integrado

En definitiva nuestro objetivo primordial es ofrecer una amplia gama de posibilidades, que garanticen el desarrollo más completo de nuestros alumnos.

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