Educational Project

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

All aspects of the National Curriculum are covered but our syllabus is broader and more challenging and includes the requirements of the Spanish Education Ministry and English as a Second Language.

Key Stage 1

There is a smooth transition between the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1, with the continuation of familiar play-based learning activities.  During this Key Stage, the children are introduced to a wider range of specialised subjects including PE and Music and there is a weekly lesson in our fully updated computer suite.  Emphasis is put on reading, writing, arithmetic and investigative skills.

Key Stage 2

At the end of Year 2 the pupils move into the Key Stage 2 department.  During the four years in Key Stage 2 pupils will be provided with a vast array of academic  and  extracurricular  opportunities  which constitute an appropriate preparation for secondary education. Music, Art, Modern Languages, Design and Technology and ICT are all included within the curriculum. There is also a strong emphasis on recreational and competitive sport using the unrivalled facilities at Laude San Pedro.

A rigorous academic education is at the heart of what we do. We aim to encourage and guide our pupils whilst stretching them to achieve their maximum potential.

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