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Creative Arts and Technology for the 21st Century

At Laude International College, students at every level of ability are encouraged to join in Food Technology, Music, Dance, Drama and the Arts. All gain confidence as they explore different areas of self-expression and some discover unsuspected talents. Although this may lead some to follow academic courses to GCSE, extra-curricular involvement in all forms of performance is open to anyone. A number decide to maintain their creativity by studying a related course at university, art college or drama school.

Creative Carousel

The Creative Arts and Technology Carousel gives every Secondary School student in years 7-9, a unique opportunity to experience, Drama, Music, Food Technology and Digital Photography. The student studies each subject in blocks of 7-8 weeks, with a final option to choose their favourite subject.

Art and Design

The Art Department occupies light and spacious accommodation in which students learn the techniques of drawing and painting as well as other skills including relief printing, the principles of ceramics and other forms of artistic expression.  Art is a part of the curriculum for all children up to Year 9.  Thereafter, it is a popular GCSE option and A-level.

At GCSE the students are taught skills, methods and processes, and at A-level they begin to explore their own creative instincts whilst coaxing a high degree of skill.  They are introduced to both contemporary and historically great artists whose work is used to inspire students’ ideas and ambitions.  Through diligent and informed investigation, the students develop art works which are potent both in terms of their skill and ingenuity.

Graphic Design, Digital Media and Music Technology

Laude’s vision is to prepare our students for the 21st Century. The addition of a fully equipped state of the art iMac digital media suite enables our students to work using industry standard software. Students have the option at GCSE and A level to study Graphic Communication and Music Technology.

Drama and Dance

Here at Laude International College we are proud to be a centre of excellence within the performing arts. Our reputation of putting on incredible shows has been recognised by the local Government and we now perform in different high profile venues across Malaga. We offer Drama and Dance at GCSE level as well as extra-curricular classes.

Food Technology

Taught in a purpose built Kitchen, Food Technology is a popular subject that enables students to develop a range of skills such as team work, organisation and creativity. The very practical nature of the subject also helps to prepare our students for essential life skills for the future. The subject can be studied at GCSE and A level.

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