Mission Statement & Values


To enable children of the internationally-mobile community to learn, develop, grow, and realise their potential in an environment which is child-centred, stable, nurturing and rich with learning opportunity.

Our Aims 

  •  Educational programmes of the highest calibre, delivered in a personal way;
  •  A school ambience in which students feel valued and appreciated and which gives them a sense of belonging and enabling them to say: “this is my School”;
  •  The individualisation of learning: - every child with an educational plan; every child profiled; every parent involved and informed;
  •  Students to become critical thinkers, to develop self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem and to learn to be compassionate and principled;
  •  To develop a deep sense of intercultural awareness and for students to grow to be international citizens with global responsibilities in a complex world.


At Laude San Pedro, “Every child matters” is not just a slogan but a statement of intent.  We recognise the uniqueness of every child, that each has strengths to be nurtured, challenges to be met and passions to be fulfilled.  Every one learns differently and arrives at school with a culture and a history that is unique.  Our school is a community in which we cultivate trust, respect, honesty and compassion and these values are evident to all our stakeholders. Here, we nurture high standards, academic excellence, and a love of learning for its own sake.


We share some key beliefs around the learning and schooling paradigm, which include:

  • A successful 21st century learning institution is visionary and innovative
  • Internationalism and citizenship are curricular objectives
  • Children learn best experimentally
  • Emotional, physical and spiritual growth is as important as academic development
  • Learning is a lifelong process and all students can do it
  • School should be an enjoyable environment to live and work
  • Teaching styles must recognise that children learn in different ways and employ different aspects of their intelligences

Parents are partners in the education process and key stakeholders in our school.

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Laude San Pedro International College
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