Peripatetic Instrumental Lessons

Laude San Pedro International College offers additional instrumental music lessons in conjunction with the EnCLAVE de FAbula Music School.

Instrumental Tuition is currently offered from an excellent team of visiting teachers. There is no better place to start lessons than right here at Laude San Pedro College.

Why should my child learn an instrument?

Students benefit academically in that the skills and knowledge gained from an instrumental lesson may benefit their curriculum work.
Students gain spiritually, morally, and socially, especially if they attend one of the extracurricular groups run by the music department.
Students who receive instrumental lessons have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of extra curricular music activities.

What instruments are currently available to learn?

Bass guitar
Clarinet (own instrument required)
Drum kit
Flute (own instrument required)
Guitar (electric and classical)
Saxophone (own instrument required)
Voice (traditional)

How do I contact the teachers?

Drum Kit
Guitar (including electric, classical, bass, ukulele)
Woodwind (including clarinet, saxophone, flute)
Vocal is a group email address for all instrument teachers

At what time do the lessons take place?

Instrumental tuition is provided on a weekly basis by instrumental music teachers. Instrumental lessons take place throughout the school day, throughout the week. All lessons rotate, intending that no child misses the same part of the lesson twice within the same half term.

Fees, Billing and stopping

Please contact the school to ask for prices and payments.

How often should my child practise their instrument?

Students are expected to practise between 10 and 20 minutes a day. Regular practice is very important. It is far better to do a little most evenings, than to do half an hour the evening before a lesson.

What exams does Laude offer?

Peripatetic teachers may contact parents for updates on progress and will liaise with the teachers of Music. Entrance for an examination is also a good indicator of progress. Examiners’ feedback can be constructive and useful to both parent and teacher.

What is the instrumental policy?

Link to file.