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School Promises

At Laude San Pedro International College, our vision is that every child will achieve more than they imagined possible, in a happy and inclusive environment where everyone is supported and encouraged to excel.

Your child will be in a happy learning environment

We will work alongside families to create an environment in which all children are happy to come to school and learn in ways that will amaze them.

Your child will be safe

We will protect all children in school and provide the education, support and services which will enable them to learn how to grow into a healthy and resilient individuals, with the necessary skills to take care of themselves in the future.

Your child will have access to a world class learning experience

We will continuously evaluate our learning programmes to ensure that every child benefits from excellent academic and enriched curriculums.


School Values

Our whole community shares a common understanding of the personal qualities and values which we hope all of our students will demonstrate and uphold.


Being loyal to teachers and classmates, and ultimately to one self, in order to become honest and honorable young adults.


Setting the highest personal goals and never giving up on one’s dreams; making the extraordinary happen.


Building a sense for community; working together for a common objective and nurturing long-lasting, sincere relationships.


Working consistently to achieve one’s personal best, both academically and beyond the classroom. Understanding that when we don’t achieve a goal first time, we learn to start again so that in time we will succeed.


Being sensitive to the needs of others, whilst celebrating our differences as well as the many things which unite us. Showing kindness and care towards everyone we encounter.