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This brief 3-stage meditation can be done anywhere and, once you know the process, can take as little as 30 seconds, or can be extended to several minutes.

Breath work meditation

A relatively short meditation focusing on your breath. Follow the recording or practice this meditation unguided once you know the process. This exercise takes your attention to different parts of your breath, but you can also focus on your breath as a whole.


Meditation isn’t always about sitting very still. In the following recordings you will take your attention to your body in movement. You can follow the recordings or practice unguided using your own movements, taking your attention to everything involved in the motions.

When moving, be compassionate with your body and don’t go beyond your limits. That said, one of the things you can learn from this meditation is how you respond to discomfort. If you instantly recoil from it, perhaps see what it would be like to hold that position for a moment or two longer.  Without hurting yourself, can you become interested in the discomfort, rather than instantly releasing it? If your response is to view discomfort as a challenge, perhaps you could see what it is like to let go of that belief and become curious in it instead. You may also notice when it is kinder to your body to release the discomfort sooner.


In these meditations you take your attention from one area of focus to another; breath, body, sounds, thoughts and feelings. You can use the recordings or practice unguided. Set a timer (using a free app light Insight Timer) to let you know when to move your attention from one focus to another.


This is one of the fundamental mindfulness meditations. Simply bring your attention to different parts of your body using the recordings, or unguided. The recordings work from your toes up to your head, but you can reverse the direction if that works better for you. Choose from a shorter meditation (just under 15 minutes) or the longer version (nearly 30 minutes).