Sport contributes to a healthy, happy, well-balanced lifestyle and a well-rounded education. It helps to develop social skills, self-esteem, as well as fostering teamwork and creativity. The physical education programme offered aims to enable students to realise their full potential in a variety of physical activities and stimulate a lasting interest in physical exercise and sport.

Our facilities and resources are aimed at giving all our students the greatest possible choices so that they can find a healthy and active pastime to suit them. With a wide range of team games, competitive matches and individual activities on offer, every student at Laude benefits from our excellent facilities, and teaching and coaching staff.

Laude San Pedro International College offers both recreational and competitive activities throughout the academic year. Students participate in tournaments against neighbouring international schools and in Inter–House competitions. Many students also have the chance to travel and visit other sports clubs. The huge breadth of sports on offer range from individual activities, such as karate and dance, to the more traditional sports of football, running, basketball and tennis/padel. Through these activities students learn the value of being physically active and develop positive personal and social attitudes.

IGCSE PE is one of many option choices available to our students.  The Edexcel GCSE in Physical Education requires students to develop their knowledge and understanding of physical education and physical activity.  Students will also develop their knowledge in relation to performance in physical activity.  In addition, students are required to develop their knowledge and understanding of how a healthy, active lifestyle contributes to the growth and development of body systems, and structures (including the cardiovascular, muscular, respiratory and skeletal systems), as well as general well-being.  Students are assessed through completion of a theory exam (worth 40% of the total GCSE) and performance in four practical activities (worth 60% of the total GCSE).