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Laude San Pedro International College is a British co-educational school of around 780 students from over 52 countries. 

It is housed in relatively new premises and boasts outstanding, spacious, architect-designed accommodation. The installations and facilities for learning, sports and arts are considered the best in any school in this part of Spain. Constructed in 2004, it is now a part of the prestigious International Schools Partnership. ISP is a well-known name with a strong reputation in Spain and the UK, and its involvement and support brings tremendous advantages to our School.

English is the language of communication in the School, and principally the language of instruction. Having said that, our commitment to Spanish language and culture is particularly strong, and most of our communications and publicity is available in both English and Spanish. We celebrate Spanish culture as part of our commitment to developing global and multicultural values in our students and a sense of international citizenship.  

Among the strengths of the School, which sets it apart from many others, is the student-centred and holistic approaches to  learning  that  recognises and employs whole-brain, multiple-intelligence teaching methods.  We acknowledge that learning is a lifelong process that all students can engage with and that school should be an enjoyable experience. Our teaching recognises that all children learn in different ways and that to reach every learner, teaching must be differentiated and individualised. However, meeting the needs of children and students involves more than classes and curriculum: it means putting the child’s welfare and well-being at the heart of everything we do.  Our pastoral care reaches out to both child and parent through profiles, meetings, regular programmed contact, and guidance in personal issues, social and health education, careers and university placement. 

Our teaching faculty is carefully selected, enjoys continuous professional development opportunities and undergoes regular professional appraisal. All are trained and qualified graduates and specialists in their fields.

Information Technology for learning is at the forefront of our 21st century approach to schooling, and all of the classrooms and learning spaces are equipped with video projectors, and most of them with digital whiteboards. Student use of laptop computers is encouraged and an extensive wired network extends throughout the facilities.  

We offer wide-ranging sports and extra-curricular activity programmes, as well as a Summer School.  

Our parents, as key stakeholders, are an essential element in the education of children and we enjoy tremendous support from an active Uniting Families of Laude Association.

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Laude San Pedro International College
Urb.Nueva Alcántara - Avda. La Coruña,
2 (29670-San Pedro de Alcántara) Marbella - Spain

Telephone: (+34) 952 799 900
Fax: (+34) 95 279 90 55
E-mail: info@laudesanpedro.com

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