Martina en el diario Sur

15th December 17

Martina D´Antiochia is an ESO1 Laude San Pedro student who at only 12 years of age, has become a YouTube phenomenon. Her successful YouTube channel ´La diversion de Martina´, that features fun adventures, DIY and comedy sketches, has over 1.6million subscribers and has been rewarded a YouTube Gold Play Button. To add, Martina is working on her 3rd book, which is part fiction and part reality. It talks about her exciting adventures and gives special mention to her school life here at Laude San Pedro – which has played a major role in her writing.

Last week Martina uploaded a video about our school in which she is interviewed by our school principal, she reads a passage from her book to our YR3 students and then takes the viewers on a special school tour. The video trended at #14 and has now over half a million views.