1st December 17

The brothers, Nico and Jorge Miguela Espinosa de los Monteros, were very enthusiastic at presenting their first comic to their peers.

They have become authors, illustrators, editors and even have had the collaboration of the youngest brother to staple for them!

Nico and Jorge are students in Y3 and Y4, who love reading. Therefore, they have a great imagination and love to create their own stories.

When they arrived at their respective classes with all the copies, to give and sign to their classmates, both the artists and their friends, were very happy. They all enjoyed reading and colouring it.

It has been a very rewarding and motivating experience, as some of their peers have also decided to create their own comics.

We will never forget this experience, nor will the boys, their family, and their classmates.

Thanks boys for being the way you are.