Laude’s rising stars see their names in print

13th March 17

The talents of Laude’s Primary and Secondary students have been recognized yet again by the SUR newspaper in its 2017 English schoolwork competition. Four students have been selected for special mention and as runners up for their poems and paintings.

In Secondary, Diana Shilovskaya was the runner-up for her wonderful poem, ‘Shadows’, which her teacher, Mr. Barnett, described as “a powerful reflection on mortality with exquisite control of rhythm and imagery”. Another Key Stage 4 student, Jade Vuorinen, was given a special mention for her landscape painting which the competition judge described as “powerful” and “strong”, and the former editor of the SUR newspaper, Liz Parry said, “I’d like to have that on my wall.”

In Primary two students received special mentions. Carlota Pulido Cepero’s poem ‘Originality’ was commended by the competition judge, Álvaro García, for the “magic of the poem” and the young writer’s “sensitive stimulus”; Evie Russell Symons’s poem ‘The Car’ was praised by the same judge for its “colloquial fluidity… the depth and language of the everyday.”

Mrs. López, Head of School, said: “We are so proud of our students. It is so gratifying for them to have their creative talents recognised in this way.”

The poems and painting can be found here: