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Following in the footsteps of Hemingway in Ronda

5th December 16

The Year 8s have been on a visit to Ronda as part of a recent project on writers in Andalusia. On the visit the students followed in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway and went to the oldest bullring in the world. Whilst there they all sat down in the stands to complete a piece of descriptive writing about a bullfight. 

The students then went to see the picturesque Tajo gorge from the 390 metre high bridge, and from there they descended into the gorge via La Mina, an Islamic stairway consisting of over 300 steps cut into the rock. As the photo shows, the weather was glorious and everyone had a wonderful time. 

Ms Moody, one of the Year 8 English teachers, said, “It was an amazing experience. The students loved the authentic Andalusian ambiance of Ronda. We’ll definitely be back next year”.