Police Talks at Laude Continue

10th November 16

This month the Local Police have returned to our school, to deliver the second in a series of talks to our pupils.  Thanks to our excellent links with the police force in our community, we were fortunate enough to have one of their officers deliver a talk on the topic of anti-bullying. 

All of Years 5-10 were involved in the talk, along with students from 1º to 3º ESO.  Not only did students find out what exactly constitutes as ‘bullying’, but they were also able to learn more about the Law, and how serious the Police treat any persistent, targeted abuse at an individual.

At the end of the talk, students were even given the opportunity to directly ask questions to our Police Liaison Officer.  We were impressed at the number of insightful issues being raised by our students.

We are happy to announce that we will be offering the same talk to our Parents.  Further details about this event will follow shortly!