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Anti Litter Campaign

14th July 16

The students in year 9 came up with a project to help bring to the attention the problems we have with Litter. We held a workshop and the students came up with a number of designs and we had the idea of creating a mural to be painted on the School walls.This would be a permanent reminder of how to dispose of the litter correctly. All the designs were looked at and a mixture of them were put together for the Mural. A number of the individual ones have been printed and are ready to start the campaign off in September. They will be laminated and put on the inside walls around the School.
Myself and Michael Carey then joined a Primary assembly where we explained the issues and Michael presented a short talk, ending with a poem about Litter.
As the Year 9 were leaving Key Stage Three and the Year 6 were joining Key Stage 3, it became a joint initiative.
Students helped to design and then paint the mural.
None of this would have been possible without the expert help, and enthusiasm for the project of Mrs Rennie.
I hope you enjoy the design because it was designed and created by the students themselves.

Miss Shuttleworth