Y5 students in RTV Marbella

17th May 16

On Wednesday, three of our Year 5 students visited the studios of RTV Marbella to be interviewed on the mi Marbella show hosted by Nicole King. They spoke eloquently about the charity project Years 5 and 6 are currently raising money for. 


The project involves each child finding and researching a charity that they feel passionate about and then persuading their classmates to support their charity during public speaking lessons. Children have selected charities which help refugees, ill-treated animals and the homeless, as well as those that work towards improving the lives of children affected by war, those that protect our planet and those that wish to make clean water available to all.


Their presentations have been outstanding. It has been a privilege to see their compassion and empathy and how they have wholeheartedly thrown themselves into raising awareness of the suffering of those less fortunate than themselves.


They have also been extremely proactive raising actual funds for their charities by asking family, friends and local businesses to donate prizes for the raffle draw that they will be responsible for running at our Summer Fair this year. 100% of the money raised from the raffle will go to the charities of the most persuasive pupils.


Well Done Year 5 and Year 6