Trip to Ronda

3rd February 16

Year 4 Settlers and Scavengers trip to Ronda

On Monday 25th January the Year 4 children went on a school trip to La Algaba de Ronda Prehistoric site. During the trip, the children discovered how fossils are made as well as different interesting facts about our early ancestors. They had an exciting opportunity to explore skills our ancestors needed to survive and used real artefacts to find out about a prehistoric hunter.

We had an interactive tour around a Stone Age village and compared the lifestyle of a Mesolithic hunter-gatherer to a Neolithic farmer by doing typical tasks from each period.

After starting the day with a timeline activity to ensure children could follow the chronological changes involved, we walked through the forest and village so that they could see and touch prehistoric hunting tools. We even experienced what it would have been like to live in a real Stone Age house.

They also learnt how to make a fire and understood the importance of clay in that period. The day ended with two exciting workshops, which were `cave painting´ and `archaeological excavation´.

The children had so much fun and were very inspired to continue exploring this exciting project.