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Freaky Friday in Science

24th November 15

On Friday 13th November we held our annually Science Day at Laude involving over 320 students.  The day started with a short assembly in the Gym in which Miss Gaukrodger set fire to her hands!  Don’t worry, this wasn’t a terrible accident, it was all part of a carefully planned demonstration to get everyone in a scientific mood.

The rest of the day involved several experiments of a ‘spooky theme’ being carried out across all three science laboratories.  All students from Years 4 to 9, including 1º and 2º ESO students took part.  Activities included making florescent slime, creepy lava lamps and bat gliders.  Furthermore, everyone had the opportunity to take what they had made home.  Perhaps some parents will be getting an early Christmas present?!

A special thanks to our Sixth Form students for assisting as ‘expert helpers’ on the day.