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Trip to the Sea Lie Aquarium

17th June 15

On Tuesday 16th June, the Year 2 students took a trip to the Sea Life Aquarium in Benalmádena as part of their “Under the Ocean” Project for this term.  With more than 2000 different specimens in the aquarium, students were able to touch and closely observe their characteristics, the food they ate, their forms of reproduction and their position in the ecosystem.   They listened to the interesting explanations given by the experienced monitors and continuously asked them questions as we visited each of the different areas.  The children repeatedly showed their enthusiasm as they discovered new animal species with different forms or shapes that they had never seen before or heard new and interesting facts. This is the best method to raise students’ awareness for the protection of the animals of our planet; by letting them have a first-hand look at seahorses, stingrays, starfish, sharks and their offspring, sea turtles, piranhas, otters and many other aquatic animals.

Year 2 students (Srta. Espinosa and Srta. Sánchez)