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Sierra de Cazorla

4th May 15

Year 6 at Sierra de Cazorla 2015

For 4 wonderful days and 3 gorgeous nights, Year 6 had an amazing time on their residential trip to Sierra de Cazorla. They were involved in all manner of exciting, fun and team-bonding activities including archery, rock climbing & abseiling, kayaking, arroying and very high rope bridges & zip lines. 

There was expert guidance from all the supportive and energetic monitors from the auberge Fuente del Roble where all rooms were clean and the food was all deliciously home-made.

Each child (and teacher) had a fun-filled and memorable experience that will stay with them all for a very long time indeed. If you would like to know further details and hear stories, please speak to any of the 37 year 6 children who went or Miss Middleton or Mr. de Comarmond. 

A truly wonderful experience for all involved!