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Art day

5th May 15

To celebrate our success within Creative and Performing arts we would love to invite students and parents (including prospective students) to attend our Laude Arts day on Friday 8th May. There will be a series of workshops covering all aspects of the arts for parents and students to join in. From a hip hop dance lesson, to stage make-up to cake decorating we will have a fun day for the whole school to participate. Further details about the workshops will be presented soon. Times and relevant Key stages are shown below. If you want to get involved with a particular workshop or deliver your own please contact me at d.maloney@laudesanpedro.com.




Years 7-10

Workshops 1


EYFS and Key stage 1

Parents can join in with arts activities in the pupils’ classrooms.

Workshops 2


Key stage 2

Workshops 3


Key stage 3, 4 and ESO (years 7-10)


For more information, please contact Mr Maloney


Mr. Maloney

Head of Creative Arts and Technology