Skype lesson

27th April 15

On Friday, 24th April, our year 7 history and geography students took part in a mystery skype lesson delivered from the National WWII museum in New Orleans, USA.

This is an educational game where our students prepared 20 questions and had to guess the location of their mystery skype caller by asking those questions. The Year 7s worked as a team using their school atlases and power of deduction and were able to guess that the call came from New Orleans in less than 10 minutes! This was faster than any other school who had played this game before according to Chrissy Gregg, the education officer who led the session.

Our students were then taken on a virtual tour of the National World War II museum and were able to ask questions about the many items on display, including a Spitfire fighter plane and a B-17 bomber. We also learned about Hurricane Katrina and how the museum staff and the building itself were able to survive the 2005 hurricane.

On Friday 8th May at period 7, our year 9 history students will learn more about our current topic, WWII and the Holocaust, with another skype lesson from this museum in New Orleans. They will explore concepts of individual and collective responsibility for the Holocaust and other WWII atrocities, as well as determine their own sense of responsibility for current local and world events.

In addition to this, year 10, 11 and 13 students, currently covering the Cold War topic for IGCSE and A2, will be given the chance to attend a free webinar about the Atomic bomb thanks again to the National World War II museum. They will be able to do this from their homes on Thurs May 7th after school. Author J Fetter-Vorm will share his knowledge about the race to build the atomic bomb and the scientific achievements and discoveries of the top-secret Manhattan Project.

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