On Top of the World

17th April 15

One of Laude’s Sixth Form students, Klara Czuraj, has received some fantastic news this week that has left her feeling on top of the world: she achieved the highest international subject mark in her GCSE English Literature last year and the highest mark in Europe for GCSE Business Studies.

Klara obtained her High Achiever Award for IGCSE English Literature for her remarkable 100% in last year’s exam, a unique achievement out of the almost 5,000 students who sat the exam in schools across the world.

She received further recognition by the examination board for her performance in the GCSE Business Studies course; Klara obtained her second High Achiever Award for achieving the highest mark out of all the students across Europe who sat the exam.

Klara’s English teacher, Mr Barnett, said, “I’m over the moon that she has been recognised as the best in the world! She deserves this award for her hard work and her outstanding academic ability.”