17th April 15

Year 9 and 2º ESO students got the opportunity to experience the art world up close, as well as the world of journalism, on a recent visit to Malaga, organised by The English Department and the Art Department.

The trip began with a tour around one of Malaga’s increasing number of art galleries: the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo. The musuem’s permanent collection allowed the students to gain a real insight into many of the principal movements and trends of 20th century art, and gave them the opportunity to see the work of some of the leading artists from the UK, such as Damian Hirst and Julian Opie, as well as artists from Spain, such as Juan Muñoz, José María Sicilia and Miquel Barceló.

The students were then taken to visit the Malaga offices of SUR, the English language weekly newspaper for Andalucía. The visit gave students a fascinating insight into how a newspaper works, from researching and writing news stories to publishing and distributing the publication. The students particularly enjoyed the question and answer session with the editor, Rachel Haynes. The newspaper staff also took the opportunity to award Ana María Muñoz her prize for her winning poem in a recent competition.

Centro de Arte Contemporaneo

Diario Sur