Día de Andalucía

4th March 15

On Wednesday 18th February, some Spanish studies students of Year 6, Mr.de Commarmond and I have taken part in an event organized by the town hall, to celebrate the Día de Andalucía. A bus has collected us and taken us in the “palacio de Congresos de Marbella”, where they kindly welcomed us and other schools from Marbella; they led us to our working table where we made a big picture related with Andalucía, you can see it in the pictures. Then they gave us big “molletes andaluces” with oil and sugar or salt, that were delicious! And a drink.

Finally, we watched other students’ shows and concerts, three of our students: Serena, Sara and Nayara read some poems about Andalucía; we have had such a great time! At the end we even sung the Andalucian hymn and danced a bit of Sevillanas.