Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Laude San Pedro International College website!

This is an exciting and special place and I would like to invite you to visit us to find out why!  But first, let’s see if we all share the same vision of what a good school should be like.

We care for our students and put their needs first by:


  •  Using the most effective teaching methods we can find to match students’ different learning styles
  •  Believing that every child has the potential to succeed
  •  Setting the highest standards of academic achievement
  •  Providing an environment that is safe, friendly, caring and innovative
  •  Being passionate about helping children to grow, mentally, emotionally, physically and ethically.

We expect a school to:

  •  Aim for its students to gain the highest exam marks they can
  •  Give children a lifelong love of learning
  •  Be a learning centre for the whole community

Do you believe that:

  •  How children learn is as important as what they learn?
  •  Children must use information technology as an everyday tool?

Future success is based on creativity, problem-solving, communication, team-work and self-reliance as well as on academic skills.

Here at Laude San Pedro, we subscribe to these beliefs.  And if you do, too, then you have already found the home for your children’s schooling.

We look forward to you and your children becoming part of the Laude family!

Remedios López


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Laude San Pedro International College
Urb.Nueva Alcántara - Avda. La Coruña,
2 (29670-San Pedro de Alcántara) Marbella - Spain

Telephone: (+34) 952 799 900
Fax: (+34) 95 279 90 55

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